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Individual Memberships:
One Year: $150 ($132.74 + tax)
3 Day: $50 ($44.25 + tax)

Family Pass:
The OFATV offers a discount to families residing in the same household wishing to purchase more than two full memberships. The Memberships must all be purchased at the same time. This pass is NOT available online. You must contact a member of an OFATV Club to inquire about purchasing the Family Pass. Proof of residency is required for each membership being purchased.
The cost is:
Pass 1 & 2: $150.00 each ($132.74 + HST)
Pass 3 and up: $100.00 each (No Limit) ($88.50 + HST)

Your new or renewed OFATV Membership is much more than just a trail pass. Joining an OFATV club gives you the opportunity to shape the future of the sport and participate in the development of a province-wide trail system. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member, please visit the Membership Benefits portion of our website

 If you are purchasing a 3 day trail access pass; welcome  to OFATV trail systems as our guest. Please stay on the trail. We hope that you enjoy yourself. OFATV invites you to come back to purchase a full membership and help us to build and maintain OFATV trails.

 Up to 75% of your membership dollars are used to build and maintain ATV trails in the area in which you chose to sponsor when you purchased your membership / trail access pass. This is why it is extremely important to "buy where you ride" The remaining 25% pays for government taxes, (HST) liability insurance, government lobbying, and helps to cover the operating expenses of the OFATV.

Please Note **** Hotmail is having some technical difficulties at the moment with emails sent from our system. While we are working with them to resolve this please provide a non- hotmail address to ensure receipt of your temporary trail pass.


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Terms and Conditions

Membership fee is NON-REFUNDABLE (HST # 893006320RT0001) Subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This permit shall remain the property of the OFATV. The registered holder shall surrender the permit to the Ontario Federation Of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs upon written request. The OFATV may suspend or revoke an individual trail permit when in their opinion, the individual Trail permit member should not have a trail permit because of failure to comply with the condition of the sale of the trail permit, the by-laws of the OFATV or the Law of the Province of Ontario. Any suspension of an individual trail permit member may be subject to such Terms as the OFATV prescribes.
  2. It is understood that landowners on or adjacent to the trail system, the OFATV,  its members, directors, officers, employees and their respective agents, officials, servants, and representatives are collectively known as the "Host". In addition to consideration given to the "Host" for any driver or passenger operating the aforementioned permitted use I and my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators assign ( collectively my "Legal Representatives" ) agree:
    1. To waive all claims that I have or may have in the future against the "Host".
    2. To release and forever discharge the "Host" from all liability for any personal injury, death, property damage, or loss resulting from my permitted use due to any cause, including but not limited to negligence (failure to use such care as a reasonably prudent and careful person would use under similar circumstances), breach of any duty imposed by law, breach of contract or mistake or error in judgment of the "Host" and
    3. To be liable for and to hold harmless and indemnify the "Host" from all actions, proceedings, claims, damages, costs demands, including court costs and costs on a solicitor and own client basis, and liabilities of whatsoever nature or kind arising out of or in any way connected with my permitted use.
  3. This permit is valid only when signed by an authorized agent.
  4. Only the vendor organization is authorized to issue a replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged permits. The original trail permit receipt must be presented along with original permit or portion thereof. A processing fee will be charged and other conditions may apply.
  5. Obey all signs. Abide by the provisions of the Motorized vehicle act, Trespass to Property Act and local Municipal by-laws.
  6. Stop when requested to do so by a Trail Warden, Police Officer, or Conservation Authority officer. Report all damaged property to the nearest police officer. Know and adhere to the OFATV rules and regulations.
  7. Report a change of address to:

    Ontario Federation Of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs
    PO Box 76085
    832 March Road
    Morgan?s Grant Post Office
    Ottawa, ON K2W 0C0
    Phone: 705 797-0797  |